Unity 3D Level 6: Create a 2D Super Mario Game

In this course you will learn how to re-create the classic 2D Super Mario Brothers video game.

by Stone River Elearning

Course Overview

Have you ever wondered how your favorite games were built? Ever wonder if you could build games like that? Did you know that game design is a multi-billion dollar industry, and that there are companies that need great game developers like you?

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is intended for people who have take our Levels 1-5 Unity 3D courses or have an advanced understanding of the Unity 3D game engine.

What You Will Learn

In this course you will learn how to re-create the classic 2D Super Mario Brothers video game. You will create a world so similar to the real game that your friends won't know the difference. Create
characters, build the different types of blocks and create mushrooms and fireballs. Not only will it be fun to make, it will be fun to play! You will get the source code for this game so you can simply
upload the game and make any changes you want.

You Will Learn:

·Character animation

·Conroller settings

·Working with the camera

·Creating and implementing game items

·Making characters do interesting things

·Exporting games to multiple devices

Become a Video Game Developer

If you are interested in becoming a real video game developer, check out our 50 hour course called Become a Video Game Developer from Scratch. In this 7 course package, you will start from the very beginning of game development, learning the tools you need to make games. Each successive course takes the skills you've learned and adds to it, which allows you to start building real games. In the last two courses of the series, you will create both a classic 2D and a more modern 3D Super Mario Brothers game that you can play, share with friends and be proud of.

Course Features

·17 Hour Online Course

·Source Code Included

·Gain Valuable Job Skills

·Build the World's Most Popular Game

·Learn in Plain English - No Technical Documentation to Suffer Through

·12 Month Access to All Course Material


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